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Experience the Berkeley Shore Lifestyle

A stay above the rest - every inch of our modern-luxe oasis is crafted to take you on the journey of your tropical dreams and is the perfect reflection of its charming Collins Avenue address. Located in the heart of South Beach amongst some of Miami’s coveted landmarks and attractions, the Berkeley Shore Hotel is a cozy, classic, and elegant destination for travelers seeking the quintessential Miami Beach lifestyle. 

Entrance with Palm trees on both sides at Berkeley Shore Hotel

An architectual gem

The iconic Berkeley Shore Hotel was thoughtfully designed in the 1940’s by Albert Anis, one of the most prolific architects of Miami's Art Deco District. His extensive design portfolio of 70 buildings, including this one, forever shapes Miami Beach's distinctive character. Art Deco at a glance, luxury at a closer look.

Yellow bath towels by the pool at Berkeley Shore Hotel

What's on the inside

Amongst entering the Berkeley Shore, you are greeted with warm smiles and inviting neutral interiors with gold accents. What follows is an experience brimming with timeless allure. As striking on the inside as it is on the outside - The Berkeley Shore hotel transports you to a world of delicately crafted and intentional retro design.

Reception & lobby with chairs at Berkeley Shore Hotel
Extra Virgin Bistro French Toast
Extra Virgin Bistro French Toast
Extra Virgin Bistro French Toast

Salt Cafe

Welcome to Salt Cafe, a culinary gem since 2014. Immerse yourself in the Mediterranean-inspired spirit that flavors every dish, reflecting the diversity of Miami itself. Whether it's the best breakfast, a scenic lunch, or a cozy dinner spot you seek, our doors are wide open.

Savor expertly mixed drinks, a premium hookah experience, and prime "people-watching." Our menu is a celebration of variety, offering something for every palate – from hearty meals to light bites, all crafted with fresh ingredients and culinary flair.

Whether starting your day or capping off your evening, we aim to create memorable moments. With attentive service, diverse beverages, and a refined hookah experience, we ensure you thoroughly enjoy your time with us.

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Life guard tower & beach view at Berkeley Shore Hotel

Check out the Neighborhood

There's plenty to do in the area during your stay at Berkeley. Check out some of the neighboring hot spots, local favorites and more. Upon check-in you'll receive a detailed map and our monthly newsletter with what's going on around town during your stay.

Sun loungers by the pool at Berkeley Shore Hotel